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Only 4 employees... Will you be able to serve us well?

As the saying goes, "In small jars the best ointment!"* After more than 25 years in business, our "small" team manages clients of all sizes! Some are with us for a wide range of services and benefit from our expertise and advice to manage their digital identity. Others have been with DomainePlus.com for over 20 years and have never been tempted to look elsewhere...

In short, we firmly believe that the size of a company does not guarantee the quality of the service it offers and that the advantages of a small team with human values win hands down!

Steve Pesant
«Eternal perfectionist»

Director of Operations

Steve is an eternal perfectionist. Combined with his analytical side and a hint of creativity, these personality traits have allowed him to combine experience as a cameraman at Musique Plus, a corporate video director and a sound technician in a recording studio during his training in audiovisual production at Cégep du Vieux Montréal.

If you are looking for solutions, talk to Steve... he thinks and analyzes almost as fast as he talks. Every detail is important to achieve excellence and that's what he strives for.

Alexandre Perron
«Skeptical champion»

Director of Production

Alexandre leaves nothing to chance! When a website model is submitted to him for programming and integration, each element (menu, button, icon, image, link, etc.) is scrutinized.

Everything must be planned and clearly defined in order to avoid mistakes. Once convinced that this is the best approach, he uses all his experience to keep the design intact in computer, tablet and mobile modes.

Since he joined the team in 1999, he's made us accustomed to his outspoken and trenchant opinions that force us to question ourselves. He is our all-around skeptical champion and it is this nature that forces our team to excel.

David Thibaudeau
«Mr. Pixel Perfect»

Director of Communications

David is our creative force. Since the end of his studies in multimedia design in 2000, he brings his expertise to the design team of DomainePlus.com. Fiery and passionate, he remains a calm and moody person, but don't be fooled, nothing escapes "Mr. Pixel Perfect" ... He has a compass in his eye.

His versatility and his 20 years of experience in technical support allow him to dive easily and quickly into the world of creation that is his, without neglecting the 1st and 2nd level support where he does everything possible to help customers solve their problems.

Sylvain Mathieu
«ZEN Master»

Technical Support

Sylvain is the serene member of our team. Of French-Martinican origin, always with an herbal tea in his hand, we can feel that he does not let himself be stressed by the frantic rhythm of North America. There is no point in trying to rush him, "ZEN Master" will keep his cool to avoid escalations and spats.

With a great curiosity, he makes every effort to understand and explain the subtleties of the complex world of web hosting and domain names. With customer satisfaction at heart, he can sometimes be found negotiating with himself to offer "more than the customer wants".

Do you have a question? Sylvain will take the time to find the answer... sometimes even during lunch break!

Our Mission

Since the very beginning, DomainEPlus.com has oriented its activities in a way to adapt itself as adequately as possible to the growing needs of its targeted clientele. At the time and still today, the cornerstone of the company is the quality of the customer service, backed by a personal approach, which leads to many good references, coming from multiple satisfied customers.

We work in close collaboration with our clients, always with the goal of meeting their needs.

Our Vision

Simple, fast and efficient. Our primary objective is to ensure that our customers can have a service that not only meets their needs, but also to do it in a simple, fast and efficient way, so that you can focus on your own goals.

Our history

Founded in March 1997, by Gaëtan Thibaudeau and Steve Pesant, DomainEPlus.com was operating under the name "Les productions Vidéo.Net". The main activity of the company at that time was the production of audiovisual and multimedia documents, in addition to offering complementary services in graphic and web design.

The needs of the clients become clearer and quickly, the development of websites as well as their hosting becomes the main activity of the company. Little by little, requests for the web hosting service are pouring in, without the company being involved in the design of the sites to be hosted, which predicts an interesting growth in this sector of activity.

In September 2000, the two co-owners decided to set up their own hosting solution. Determined to offer solid and complete solutions, the company became a registrar accredited by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).

Once the necessary infrastructures in place, the company launches its brand new website dedicated to the sale of domain names and website hosting. This launch is done under the banner "DomainEPlus.com". The site meets a significant success with customers coming from every corner of Quebec, Canada, Europe and the United States.

DomainEplus.com is proud to have served its customers for more than 25 years now and take this opportunity to thank all of those who believed and still believe in this great adventure.

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