Email hosting

Space in megabytes allocated on the server to receive and store your emails.
Disk Space
200 MB 500 MB 1 GB
Your email hosting plan will be activated within 48 hours. (Generally, within 24 hours.)
Activation within 48 hours
All our plans are provided with a management interface which enables you to manage your email accounts, aliases, redirections, auto-responders and vacation messages.
Management interface
Each time someone sends you an email or else when you retrieve your emails from the server, a data transfer between the server and the computer takes place. Some service providers charge you extra beyond a certain amount of data transfer. does not place any explicit limit but reserves the right to limit excessive data transfer.
Unlimited data transfer **
A domain alias is a domain name pointing on the same email hosting plan as your primary domain name and allows you to also receive emails related to that domain name.
Domain alias(es) included
1 5 10
Within your email hosting plan, you can configure 5, 25 or 50 separate POP accounts. Compared with traditional mail, it's as if you owned an apartment building and every person living in it had a mailbox.
5 25 50
This allows you to create as many addresses as you want, pointing to the same POP account.
For example:,, are all point to
Unlimited aliases **
This enables you to redirect all messages intended for one of your email addresses towards another one.
Unlimited redirections **
Email auto-responders are like an answering machine that would automatically send a pre-written message as a reply to any email sent to a particular address.
Unlimited auto-responders **
Software allowing you to reduce the number of unwanted spam email you receive.
Software you can use to get your emails via an Internet browser.

* Prices are based on a period of 12 months.
** reserves the right to limit the unlimited options.

The domain name you entered contains invalid characters.

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