Founded in March 1997 by Gaëtan Thibaudeau and Steve Pesant, the company was first known as "Les productions Vidéo.Net". While offering complementary services in graphism and website design, the company’s field of expertise was audio-visual and multimedia documents production.


The company always kept in mind the growing needs of its targeted customers, adequately adapting its activities. The strength of the company has always and still resides in the quality of the customer service, backed by a personal approach, which leads to many good references, coming from multiple satisfied customers.

The growing need for professional web design and hosting services quickly gives the lead to those department of the company, replacing audio-visual and multimedia documents production. Requests for hosting services alone, gradually increases, which predicts an interesting growth in this field of activity.


In September 2000, with the goal of offering a solid and complete solution in mind, the two owners launch their own web hosting solution and sign up to become a "Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)" accredited Registrar.

Once the needed infrastructure is in place, the company launches a brand new website for which the purpose is to offer domain names registration and web hosting services. Known under "DomainEPlus.com", the site knows a quick success with customers coming from every corner of Quebec, Canada, Europe and the United States.


In May 2009, after several years in a small office in "Iberville", an area surrounding the municipality of "Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu", DomainEPlus.com moves into some new, warmer and more spacious offices located at 900 Industrial boulevard, suite 102 also in "Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu". The new location, with major roads like Highway 35 and Highway 10 being nearer, offers an easier access to actual and potential clients.

Moving adds a new dynamic to the team, who greatly appreciates the new work environment. The move on its own is enough to cause a great brainstorm within the team and put in motion several initiatives, including the redesigning of the website.

Furthermore, it's in August 2009 that the two owners take the initiative and begin the process of becoming the first and only Canadian Internet Registration Authority Accredited Registrar to participate in the "AIR MILES® Corporate Incentives" program, in order to offer AIR MILES reward miles for its domain names registration, web hosting and web design services.

DomainEplus.com is proud to have served its customers for more than 12 years now and take this opportunity to thank all of those who believed and still believe in this great adventure.

Gaëtan Thibaudeau & Steve Pesant

Gaëtan Thibaudeau Steve Pesant

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