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A .CA ... what is that??

You may not known this, but the world wide web is full of domain name extensions each one as different as the other ... more than 1500 variants if you were wondering. Some of these extensions came into the world long before the others and enjoy "historic" popularity without having a precise use (gTLDs). .COM and .NET (available since 1984) are perfect examples. Others, more recently available, give excellent clues about the content of the websites they refer to (new gTLDs). This is the case for .AUDIO, .GOLF, .HOCKEY, etc.

What about country extensions (ccTLDs) ... what are their advantages over all the other extensions combined? Well, the answer is very simple... as these extensions are, for the most part, restricted to residents, businesses and organizations of the country they represent, they provide a sense of proximity, belonging, trust and even pride you get when you interact with a LOCAL individual, business or organization. The web having greatly improved international exchanges and communications ... it offers no guarantee on the differences in regulations, laws and values that govern these exchanges. It is therefore reassuring for your future customers, partners and local suppliers to see that the extension of their country also ends up on your website.

With over 25 years in business, became one of the first accredited registrars of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, better known as CIRA, upon its launch in November 2000 and continuously strives to offer personalized service to thousands of already satisfied customers.


Promotion Terms

From January 16 to March 31, 2023, get 25% off the regular price plus 25 BONUS AIR MILES© reward miles when registering. a new .CA domain name.

  • Limit of one BONUS per Collector Number.

  • The BONUS will be automatically applied 4 to 6 weeks after the end of the promotion.

  • Note that a client profile at can only have one AIR MILES® Collector number.

  • No AIR MILES® reward miles will be awarded retroactively for an order already processed.

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What they have to say about us

I have been doing business with Domaineplus for 22 years. Over the years, I have always been well advised and well supported in all the Web projects for which I have been responsible.

It's very reassuring to have access to a dedicated team whose integrity is unparalleled.


Claude Rousseau
Chief Leprechaun
Village du Père Noël

I take a few minutes to express my thanks for your patience, your listening, your concrete explanations that you submitted to us throughout the outcome of my case. You are polite, courteous and respectful; three big qualities that we no longer see in these internet times.

In fact, I would recommend you to all of my clients.


Danielle Hervieux
Les Gestions Dane Hervieux

Our Foundation has been a hosted client of for over 20 years. We have seen the beginning of the Internet by telephone line until today's optical fiber.

The team of a few people at who have been the same for a long time, offered us more than perfect service. No issues with our sites were ignored and immediate solutions were provided.

We have six hosted websites, most of which were created by this small team. The sites are functional, attractive to the eye and modifiable as needed. We have not experienced any server failure that could affect our services and their platform maintenance is without impact.

I highly recommend all the services offered by this awesome team!

Benoit Dallaire
Fondation Poorna-Jnana Yoga

Client for 20 years, for 4 different companies, the DomainePlus team always meets my needs in an attentive and personalized way.

We also received a marketing award from the ATCQ in 2017 which included "the functionalities, user-friendliness and aesthetics of the website".

Annie Bertrand
Camping Choisy

I have always had good service with It's a very nice team with polite and courteous staff, especially Mr. Alexandre Perron with whom I speak regularly. He is always smiling whether on the phone or in person.

They take the time to respond to my requests, with clear and detailed examples so that I understand everything while taking the time it takes. We don't feel rushed. They also give practical advice. Whether on the phone or by email, returns are made quickly.

Thanks !

Brigitte Bourget
Municipalité de Noyan

The team offers personalized service. When we have questions, they are always available to answer them... No need to wait 2 weeks for a call back!

In addition, for people like us who know less about the web, they take the time to explain clearly with easy-to-understand words and several examples.

They are excellent popularizers!

Marie-France Déry
Co-Owner and General Manager
Déry Automobile Ltee

Doing business with means being sure to have a 5-star service. Over the past ten years, we have entrusted several mandates to the team and we have always been satisfied.

Their professionalism, experience and attention to detail are unique in the industry. They take the time to fully explain to us the issues related to our projects and our requests. We always have the right explanation.

In addition, we feel confident and we know that our data is protected and safe.

Stéphanie Fraser
Chaussures Pierre Roy

My experience with has always been very satisfactory. The service is professional and personalized; they are really attentive to our real needs. They quickly execute all requests made to them while remaining courteous at each intervention.

I also highly recommend them because their prices are competitive and their expertise is continuously updated and has been for several years now!

Thanks to Steve and the whole team!

Marie-Eve BédardDirector of Operations
Les Ateliers Bédard

Customer for more than 20 years, I found at a small team attentive to my needs. Unlike some big providers where it's hard to talk to the same person twice, at it's just the opposite.

The team members know me and I have no difficulty getting a call back from the desired person within a reasonable time.

Jean Delisle
Kebec's Cockers

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